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This Girl Is On Fire

Aug 4, 2022

Marisa Peer is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning hypnotherapist, who in her 30 year career has worked with everyone from royalty, rock stars and A-list Hollywood celebrities to thousands of everyday people who come to her for help. She regularly works on British and American television and has been named by Tatler magazine as one of the UK's best therapists.

Through Her Multi-Award-Winning Rapid Transformational Therapy & Self-Hypnosis Programs, Marisa Has Impacted The Lives, And Careers, Of Hundreds Of Thousands people around the world.

Marisa joined me from her home in Los Angeles, to talk about how she has coped with the pandemic and how it has impacted her personally. We also talk about how she left her career as a child psychologist in the 1980s to become a fitness instructor at Jane Fonda's studio - and how that experience led to her interest in hypnotherapy and a career spanning three decades, helping people everywhere feel that they are enough..