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This Girl Is On Fire

Aug 4, 2022

In today's podcast I talk to the breakout star of Netflix's Emmy award-winning show, Cheer coach Monica Aldama. In our conversation, Monica shares with me how she wound up accepting a job that she had no experience in - or previous desire to do - and took an unknown college cheerleading squad who had never won anything and built it into one of the most successful and beloved teams in America. How?

By thinking differently about it - asking herself: "What can I learn, how can I be better, and how can I do better?"

We also discuss her deeply personal stories of triumph and tragedy. How her biggest learning came from her divorce and remarriage to her husband Chris, how taking ownership of difficult situations enabled her to come out of them a better person and how she overcame some of the most painful moments in her career as they were played out in front of the world's eyes on Netfix.

Warm, open and straight-talking, Monica is the coach we could all do with cheering us on!

Monica joined me from her home in Texas, and you may occasionally hear one of her dogs enthusiastically joining in our conversation.