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This Girl Is On Fire

May 18, 2023

Rebecca Humphries is an actress and writer, known for playing a love-struck PA in Ten Percent, the British version of the French series Call My Agent, and Carol Thatcher in the Netflix series The Crown, alongside Gillian Anderson who played her formidable mother, and former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

However, in 2018 Rebecca became a global sensation not because of her undeniable acting talent, but as the woman who got cheated on by her comedian boyfriend, who got caught snogging his Strictly Come Dancing partner. Her tweeted response to what happened and her refusal to become a victim of the story went on to become the stuff of legend, and led to her writing a Sunday Times best-selling book about toxic relationships and how to survive them, called ‘Why Did You Stay?’ - because it’s the most common question asked of victims of any abusive relationship. 

In today’s conversation Rebecca shares her insights on recognising toxic behaviour and her understanding of why we are drawn to people who treat us so badly. You’ll hear her tools for coping with rejection – both personally and professionally, and how recognising that our job is simply what we do, not who we are was a game changer for her.

Smart, funny and insightful - an hour in Rebecca’s company is an hour very well spent… enjoy!

Instagram: @beckshumps