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This Girl Is On Fire

Jun 15, 2023

Rosie Nixon is the Creative Brand Ambassador, and former Editor-in-Chief of Hello magazine – a global juggernaut of a publication which attracts over 41 million readers worldwide. She is also the author of three novels (one of which, The Stylist, is being adapted for the screen) and a best-selling collection of essays about Kindness.

In our conversation today, Rosie reveals what life is really like as editor of one of the biggest magazines in the world, and how working at London Zoo, being editor of Barbie magazine, and putting her hand up in a meeting and volunteering to ‘bag a millionaire in 24 hours in Cannes’ all helped on her journalistic quest!

She also shares her unique perspective on Imposter Syndrome – and how growing up as the child of teachers, with no foothold in the shiny upper echelons of publishing, gave her the freedom to feel that she “shouldn’t really be here” so she had nothing to lose.

There aren’t many in this world who make it to the top of their career by keeping their feet on the ground and kindness to others their top priority, but Rosie Nixon has managed it. Let our conversation today inspire you to “give it a go”, whatever your ‘it’ may be.

Instagram: @rosiejnixon