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This Girl Is On Fire

Nov 30, 2022

Helen Thorn is a comedian, writer and one half of the comedy duo Scummy Mummies with her friend Ellie Gibson. For the past eight years, she has talked about the ridiculous highs and hilarious lows of motherhood, usually while dressed in a gold catsuit.

In our conversation today, Helen talks with her usual warmth...

Nov 16, 2022

Building any business from scratch takes a certain kind of entrepreneurial spirit, but building a BANK?

This takes something more than having a brilliant idea and the dogged persistence to see it come to light. Anne Boden MBE has that something more, because that's exactly what she did. In her mid-fifties, after 30...

Nov 2, 2022

Amanda Byram is one of these friendly beautiful women that seems to have it all figured out. After starting her working life as a model, she then made the progression to TV, moving with apparent seamless ease to huge jobs fronting The Big Breakfast and Total Wipeout in the UK, and Paradise Hotel in America.

In our chat...