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This Girl Is On Fire

Aug 4, 2022

Do you brush your teeth every day? Or do you brush them once every six months for an hour or two, and think: "That was nice, and pretty self-indulgent, so that's me done now, until someone buys me a teeth-pampering day for my birthday next year."

That's how we think about looking after ourselves, as a 'treat' that comes once in a while, and probably involves a spa. If you treated your dental hygiene like this, you'd have stinky breath and no teeth - which is pretty horrible.

Unfortunately, what happens when we do this with every other part of our life is it's our mindset that ends up stinking - as we become exhausted, overwhelmed, and fed up. 

All of the things I talk about in our conversation today will help you feel relaxed, stronger, more capable, rested, invigorated, loved, loving, seen and heard. Isn't that all any of us want in life?

Oh, other than a fantastic set of teeth!