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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Nov 9, 2022

If they measure it, it matters.

The SERP’s Up team dive into the One SEO Tool to Rule Them All:  Google Search Console.  This free Google tool is, by far, the most important tool for site owners to understand how Google values their sites.  Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter, heads of SEO Branding and SEO Communication at Wix, share their love of Google Search Console and unpack the importance of the platform.

Google Search Console gives a wealth of information about your site: from page indexing to Google’s crawl frequency, the impressions that specific pages receive, and most importantly, what issues Google seems to be having with a website. This is the main conduit of communication from Google to the site owner, and trust us - if they measure something in there, it matters.  SEOs should pay attention to Video Pages (hint, hint - get them going if you haven’t), Page Experience stats, mobile usability, and more. 

The team catches up with Lazarina Stoy, data scientist, and SEO, who shares one of her favorite features of GSC, the Links report, which can help troubleshoot internal linking strategies and improper use of anchor text.

In short, this is the SEO podcast to better understand the role and value of Google Search Console! 

Key Segments

[00:04:22] What's On This Episode of SERP's Up?

[00:05:15] Focus Topic of the Week: Google Search Console

[00:19:29] Focus Topic Guest: Lazarina Stoy

[00:24:11] Tool Time

[00:29:24] Snappy News

[00:32:13] Follow of the Week

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