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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

Have we grown past the pursuit of the almighty link above every other SEO tactic?

Certainly, since Google released the Penguin update in 2012, addressing link farms and other issues associated with people gaming the system, the idea of getting as many links as you can is not the path toward ranking. 

But still, links...

Oct 19, 2022

Is AI writing for long-form web content the right way to go? We don’t think so. Actually, if you’re not careful, it may illicit action from Google.

Wix’s Head of SEO Branding, Mordy Oberstein, and Head of SEO Communications, Crystal Carter, address the growing use of artificial intelligence in content writing for...

Oct 12, 2022

Google's recent updates to its algorithm have been all about providing information that is user-friendly and trustworthy. They’re trying to think like a human user to give the best possible results. Nothing scary there!

The algorithm aligns more closely with the user's needs and wants than ever before. Now the...

Oct 5, 2022

SEO in 2022 is basically *deep breath* one messy map of meeting multiple needs of multiple users at multiple stages. Say that five times fast.

As we wander the winding woods and walk wearily through core update after core update, host Mordy Oberstein (Wix) and co-host George Nguyen (Director of SEO Editorial) guide us...