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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

How does Amazon integrate AI? How will the ‘AI race’ impact Amazon? How do you tie in Amazon and other E-commerce sites to your overall marketing strategy?


Wix’s very own Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter unveil SERP’s Up+, a monthly bonus episode that focuses on the wider digital marketing world! It’s a deep dive into Amazon and E-commerce, to see how Amazon works with your website across a wide marketing spectrum. 


Joining the show are Tinuiti’s President of Commerce Strategic Services, Elizabeth Marsden, and Senior Director of Amazon, Joe O’Connor to tell us how AI plays a role in Amazon’s success. 


This is the SERP’s Up+ Podcast, here to deliver you all the prime marketing knowledge in this inaugural bonus episode!  

Key Segments

[00:03:17] What's On This Episode of SERP's Up?

[00:03:53] Focus Topic of the Week: Amazon E-Commerce and AI  

[00:04:47] Focus Topic Guest: Elizabeth Marsten


Hosts, Guests, & Featured People:

Crystal Carter

Mordy Oberstein

Elizabeth Marsten 

Joe O'Conner 

Andrew Lipsman 

Russ Dieringer 

Kiri Masters



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