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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Nov 8, 2023

How should you price your SEO work? What factors might cause a fluctuation in what you charge? On what basis should you be charging your clients: by project, …month, …hour, …word?

This week, Wix’s very own Crystal Carter and Mordy Oberstien are joined by StudioHawk’s Itamar Blauer to evaluate how much you should be charging/paying for SEO services. Itamar goes on to evaluate which pricing model you should incorporate based on the dynamic of your SEO freelance work.

Later, industry favorite Jamar Ramos joins to guide you in determining when it is and isn’t appropriate to call upon an SEO agency, and how you go about selecting which agency to work with. 

You can take this one to the bank, as this week we set SEO service pricing straight and cash in! Right here on the SERP’s Up SEO Podcast!

Key Segments

[00:02:22] What's On This Episode of SERP's Up?

[00:03:35] Focus Topic of the Week: How Much Should SEO Cost?

[00:21:05] Focus Topic Guest: Jamar Ramos

[00:26:30] Decisions Decisions Decisions 

[00:45:10] Snappy News

[00:51:31] Follow of the Week

Hosts, Guests, & Featured People:

Mordy Oberstein

Crystal Carter

Itamar Blauer

Jamar Ramos

Brodie Clark

Nick LeRory

Ross Hudgens


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