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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Jan 11, 2023

Did you know Google calls its own SERP an ecosystem? That’s right. Today’s SERP is its own living, breathing thing. Google is constantly coming up with new SERP features & changes which impact rankings and placement of content.

How do you adapt to all these changes, you ask? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this episode of the SERPs Up SEO Podcast! 

With over 12 years of SEO experience, Lily Ray has led SEO campaigns for dozens of major retailers and brands. She joins the SERP’s Up team this week to discuss SERP changes and their impact on CTRs. Join Wix’s Head of SEO Branding, Mordy Oberstein, and Head of SEO Communications, Crystal Carter, and learn how to cope with SERP changes.

Key Segments: 

[00:02:44] What's On This Episode of SERP's Up? 

[00:04:16] Focus Topic of the Week: Adapting to SERP Feature Changes

[00:20:04] Focus Topic Guest: Lily Ray

[00:24:54] Tool Time: Sistrix

[00:28:02] Snappy News

[00:32:58] Follow of the Week

Hosts, Guests, & Featured People:

Crystal Carter:

Mordy Oberstein: 

Lily Ray:

Barry Schwartz:

Matt Southern: 

Danny Goodwyn: 

Loren Baker:

Roger Montti: 

Brodie Clark:

Glenn Gabe: 

Marie Haynes:


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