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SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Nov 6, 2023

What works and what doesn’t work when connecting with your audience and customer base? Are audience expectations changing? 

Creator of Confidence Live! and founder of Roar Training, Kirsty Hulse joins Wix’s own Mordy Oberstien and Crystal Carter to discuss the optimal strategies for engaging with your customers.=

Kirsty urges marketers not to showcase yourselves but to offer customers a mirror to connect your brand to their own experiences. Plus, we go in-depth into how AI can be used to establish a connection with your customers while preserving genuine human emotion.

Make meaningful connections with your customers with this month’s SERP’s Up+ Podcast.

Key Segments:

[00:02:18] What's On This Episode of SERP's Up?

[00:03:05] Focus Topic of the Week: How to Connect with your Customer/Audience

[00:04:58] Focus Topic Guest: Kristy Hulse\

Hosts, Guests, & Featured People:

Mordy Oberstein

Crystal Carter

Kirsty Hulse


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