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Reflections on Music and Nature

Sep 19, 2022

from August 6, 2020:

Humans aren't the only ones who make music. The whales were not available for this interview, but I was able to chat with the lovely humans of "Song Sessions," an ensemble that performs music inspired by the complex structures underneath the surface of whale song. We talked about the ensemble's...

Sep 12, 2022

from July 9, 2020:

Omari Tau feels at once like a student and an old man. He does it all - and well! He's Sacramento-based singer, actor, composer, musical director, and co-founder of Rogue Music Project and Trio MôD. Omari talks with Ryan about the notions of "mastery" and well-roundedness, one's naturally evolving...

Sep 5, 2022

from July 2, 2020:

New York-based composer Nell Shaw Cohen draws an analogy between her process and the "Landscape" visual artists. Nell talks with Ryan about her music, her work on the publication/network, the notion of the audience, and the role of an artist as someone, among other things, uniquely...