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Oct 13, 2022

100 years ago addicts were considered second-class citizens in the US. Their morality was questioned, they did not get any help whatsoever, and according to law they were criminals. Now addicts are treated as patients, and their conditions is seen as a part of human nature. How did a psychiatrist, a scientist and an anesthesiologist make this shift in understanding addiction happen?

This podcast is made by libo/libo podcast's studio and Humbleteam. Humbleteam designs successful digital products for startups and enterprises in all business sectors on land, at sea and in space.  

This episode came about thanks to:

Author - Sonya Kachinskaya

Editor - Anastasia Yakubovskaya

Producers - Kirill Sychev, Anastasiа Sobova, Ksenia Krasilnikova and Lika Kremer

Sound engineer - Yuri Shustitsky

Jingle author - Kira Weinstein

Special thanks to Andrey Borzenko and Sergey Krasotin for their help.