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Aug 25, 2022

Do you know what it takes to become a scientist? You spend at least 9 years in a closed community that lives by a particularly rigid set of rules and ethical principles — it’s almost the way of the warrior. Then, if you make the cut, you become a domain expert in a very narrow field. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to leave the scientific field after only a few years. So what happens before the leap?

Postdoc Me Now - A "Don't Stop Me Now" Science Parody:

This podcast is made by libo/libo podcast's studio and Humbleteam. Humbleteam designs successful digital products for startups and enterprises in all business sectors on land, at sea and in space.  

This episode came about thanks to:

Author - Evgenia Shcherbina

Editor - Anastasia Yakubovskaya

Producers - Kirill Sychev, Anastasiа Sobova, Ksenia Krasilnikova and Lika Kremer

Sound engineer - Yuri Shustitsky

Jingle author - Kira Weinstein

Special thanks to Andrey Borzenko, Yulia Strekalovskaya and Sergey Krasotin for their help.