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Sep 7, 2022

In the 60s two mathematicians came up with an algorithm. The scientists jokingly suggested it should be used for matchmaking but never actually proposed a practical application. Half a century later, another scientist came up with an unconventional use case for the algorithm and proceeded with its implementation. So how did an abstract game theory model lead to a revolution in transplantology and thousands of lives saved?

Guest: Professor Alvin E. Roth

This podcast is made by libo/libo podcast's studio and Humbleteam. Humbleteam designs successful digital products for startups and enterprises in all business sectors on land, at sea and in space.  

This episode came about thanks to:

Author - Ioanna Alfimova

Editor - Anastasia Yakubovskaya

Producers - Kirill Sychev, Anastasiа Sobova, Ksenia Krasilnikova and Lika Kremer

Sound engineer - Yuri Shustitsky

Jingle author - Kira Weinstein

Special thanks to Anna Filippova, Andrey Borzenko, Yulia Strekalovskaya and Sergey Krasotin for their help.