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Midwest Mindset

Nov 21, 2022

Your business must have recurring revenue to ensure its growth and success, but how do you get customers to return again and again? The answer is a Subscription Business Model, a concept not unique to any one type of industry. In this episode, we'll learn how to create a subscription business model with our guest, Jennifer Colwell, who has built her company Entry Envy into a success using this very approach. Business is really all about finding creative solutions, which is why the Subscription Business Industry will grow from $15 billion to $500 billion in just the next few years! 

  • What is the subscription model?
  • Can it work for any business?
  • Innovating to create a new category to be first in
  • Doing your market research
  • Developing your idea to market
  • Doing the projections to form a plan

Link to Article about Subscription Business Model

Learn more about Jennifer's story and her company, Entry Envy

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