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The Keeping It Personal Show

Oct 24, 2022

Sarah is a former leader in the direct sales industry, a mom to four young kids, and the creator of the Sol Planner, a paper planner created for coaches, network marketers, & other entrepreneurs. She's a lover of outside adventures & gardening, a total book nerd, and she's fiercely focused on helping women accomplish their goals. She 100% believes that it’s possible to achieve big goals without sacrificing your core values.


In this episode, Sarah shares how to best manage your time by having the mindset of prioritizing and going into the small details when writing things down. Sarah also emphasizes the implications of breaking down your goals into smaller chunks, thus making them more manageable and easier to achieve.


[00:01 - 05:00] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Sarah Light to the show
  • Sarah has helped many people grow and scale their businesses
  • Sarah's biggest tip for effective time management


[05:01 - 11:14] The Mindset of Prioritizing

  • Switching to a mindset of prioritizing before looking at your calendar
  • Sarah’s steps in prioritizing
  • How this can help in increasing your focus


[11:14 - 22:36] Going Into the Finer Details

  • How being too vague prevents effective time management
  • Going into the smaller details
    • Brainstorming ideas
    • Researching
  • The Sol Planner
  • Sarah shares her biggest challenge as an entrepreneur


[21:39 - 25:49] Closing Segment

  • See the link below to connect with Sarah!
  • Final words of encouragement




“If you break it down smaller, you’ll see the progress. And when you see that progress, it is such a motivating feeling.” - Sarah Light

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