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The Keeping It Personal Show

Oct 31, 2022

Today is Halloween! In today’s episode, Teri unpacks “fear” and the various ways we can get through it. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and skills. And with the right mindset shift, we can get through any obstacles. Jump right in and learn why scary isn’t so scary!


[00:01 - 03:02] Opening Segment

  • Defeating fear through a mindset shift
  • We are all susceptible to fear


[03:03 - 07:33] Moving through Fear

  • Forget Everything And Run
  • Face Everything And Rise
  • False Evidence Appearing Real
  • Going with your faith
  • Bible verses to give us peace and power
    • Isaiah 41:10
    • Philippians 4:6-7
    • Timothy 1:7
  • We are equipped to move through fear


[07:34 - 08:14] Closing Segment

  • What to expect on the next episode
  • Final words




“Once we move through fear, we realize that we are equipped and we’ve got everything that it takes.” - Teri Johnson


“No matter how fear shows up in your life, we each need to do one thing: rise above it and keep moving forward.” - Teri Johnson








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