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The Keeping It Personal Show

Jun 5, 2023

So many business owners are scared to niche down and get specific on their messaging and market because they’re afraid of missing out on clients. In this episode, we prove that wrong! 

Dr. Deborah Skomba is the founder of Heart to Heart Ministry and Coaching. She’s passionate about empowering clients to cultivate healthy relationships and strong marriages. With her Christ-centered programs and empathetic coaching approach, Deb guides individuals toward lasting change by transforming their thoughts and embracing strength-based strategies. As a Therapist Coach and Behavior Expert, she is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and thrive in all seasons of life.

In this episode, we discuss how defining her unique value and target audience got Deb’s cash register to ring! We also discuss the keys to couples having Christ-centered, Spirit-filled marriages so they can live a life they love together!


[01:56 - 10:51] The Power of Finding Your Market and Message

  • Deb struggled with focus in her business, but after working with Teri, she realized the importance of being laser-focused on her passion for healthy marriages.

  • It is essential to have a clear and consistent message to attract the right clients and referrals.

  • Getting clear on her focus and staying on track has helped Deb serve her clients more effectively and make a greater impact in their lives.

[10:52 - 18:37] The Marriage Manifesto: Forgiveness, Healing, and Communication for Healthy Relationships

  • The ‘Marriage Manifesto’ is designed to help couples reconnect, communicate, and navigate changes together, strengthening their bond.

  • In the ‘pre-premarital’ stage, Deb discusses important topics with her clients before engagement or marriage, such as finances and communication.

  • Couples need healing and forgiveness to create a strong foundation for their relationship.

  • Understanding oneself and focusing on personal development can positively impact marriages and enhance communication and support.

[18:38 - 27:08] Deborah's 40-Year Marriage Secret Revealed

  • Embracing one's story involves accepting and acknowledging the good and ugly parts of their past in order to live the life that God intended for them.

  • Deb shares testimonies of women who sought help and restored their marriage even when their spouse was unwilling to work on their relationship at first. 

  • The secret to Deb’s marriage is keeping Christ at the center, weathering all seasons of life, and bringing out the best in each other.

  • Christ-centered relationships are possible!


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"The secret to a long marriage is keeping it Christ-centered and keeping Christ in it." - Deborah Skomba

“A myth that I wanna crush today is when we get laser-focused, we're going to miss out on something that could have been.” – Teri Johnson


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