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Nov 25, 2022

Today’s guest: Miriam Torres Brinkmann was born and raised in Spain, where she worked as a journalist for several years. Eager to reinvent herself, she moved to San Diego, California, where she now resides, and studied for her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and her Doctorate in Psychology, with a specialization in Expressive Art Therapy. She has completed advanced training in the field of couples therapy and has written two books for couples. Miriam also is trained in and uses EMDR and hypnotherapy with her individual clients. Miriam considers herself a multi-passionate, multicultural person. Apart from her online private practice as a couples therapist and relationship coach, Miriam also consults with clients as a life coach and organizes workshops for couples and individuals in different parts of the world, in both English and Spanish. Her career is devoted to helping couples and individuals achieve flourishing relationships and their best possible selves. She enjoys traveling, animals, friends, family, music, books, movies, sailing, nature, good food, and learning new things. She lives with her husband, Peter, as well as their Chihuahua, Bebe, three American quarter horses, and three parakeets.



  • Transitioning into a career in therapy after a career in journalism
  • Integrating the spirit of creativity into couples therapy
  • Helping couples find inspiration in themselves, their partner, and their relationship
  • Nurturing creativity and encouraging expression in everyone



  • Dr.Miriam Brinkmann, LMFT

Relationship Questions for Couples: Guided Conversations to Cultivate Curiosity, Communication, and Connection

The Ultimate Relationship Journal for Couples: Prompts and Practices to Connect and Strengthen Your Bond



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