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Nov 11, 2022

Today’s guest: Elle Bernfeld, LCSW, is a Brooklyn-based psychotherapist who specializes in artists, entertainers, and creative professionals. Her passion for working with those in the arts comes from her experience performing professionally and locally in the Los Angeles area as a child, as well as her years training at a conservatory as a young adult. In her private practice, she provides telehealth counseling to creatives of all kinds. Some of the issues she addresses in her practice are: identity, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, work/life balance, career transitions, and life purpose. A graduate of Columbia University and NYU, she has Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Social Work.



  • How creative clients may differ from ‘typical’ therapy clients
  • The potential for a loss of joy in art-making once it becomes our career
  • Channeling creativity and innovating with new methods as a therapist
  • How experience as a performer informs approaches to therapy
  • Empathizing with and recognizing the grief of creative loss
  • Separating the therapist from the person



  • Elle Bernfeld, LCSW

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