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Feb 9, 2024

Today’s Guest: For 39 years, Dr. Ericha Scott has treated people struggling with substance and behavioral use disorders, mental illness, trauma and dissociation. She has also worked with victims of torture and sex trafficking. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and certified Creative and Expressive Arts Psychotherapist, Dr. Scott has dedicated her life to health, wellness, and art as medicine. This work has included academic and experiential teaching for clinicians, doctors, the public, and herself, relevant to her own personal health journey. She describes herself as “a healer who walks the fine line between mysticism and evidenced-based psychotherapy.” As an artist, author, therapist, and keynote speaker she advocates for disempowered populations by collaborative cultural exchange around the world. This year she was the keynote speaker for the first scientific expressive arts therapy conference in Cairo, Egypt, and she has been invited to return in 2024.


  • Walking the fine line between mysticism and evidence-based therapy

  • The importance of treating the effects of all memories, even those that may not be remembered exactly

  • Techniques for working through artist’s block

  • Real-life examples of the power of using art to work through artist’s block and trauma


  • Ericha Scott

Call (310) 880-9761 or email for more information about Ericha’s programming



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