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Feb 2, 2024

Today’s Guest: Jackie Schuld is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board-Certified Art Therapist, and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist. She owns a private practice that specializes in late-identified autism (Jackie is autistic and ADHD). She is the author and illustrator of Therapy Private Practice, Grief is a Mess, and Making it Through Chemotherapy. While Jackie values her professional work, what she really wants people to know is that she is a human first. She loves waking up early and writing, taking naps, creating art, venturing into nature, doing puzzles, spending time with her family, and much, much more. 


  • Where therapy misses the mark when it comes to autism

  • What is the internal experience like for autistics?

  • The innovation and inherent creativity of the autistic brain

  • The beauty of Jackie’s unique private practice schedule


  • Jackie Schuld

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