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Sep 22, 2023

Today’s Guest: Not a stranger to struggles and possibilities from decades of life and career changes, profound loss, and personal reinvention, Kelly Hutton, LMFT, is a queer anti-racist ADHDer who specializes in queer grief, loss, and trauma recovery in the unique grief experiences of neurodivergent LGBTQIPA2+ people. Her passions include hospice care, EMDR, and talking about death, dying, bereavement, and neurocognitive decline with teens, caregivers/partners, and older adults while bearing witness to their grief journeys. Kelly grew up in a blended multicultural family of artists, educators, and entrepreneurs who strive in their own ways to think like Leonardo da Vinci. Kelly is glad that she isn’t dead yet because she can still experience and learn pluralistically, including being on a podcast for the first time ever, and remembering that those who laugh, last.



  • The importance of considering different perspectives and taking an interdisciplinary approach to therapy

  • The benefits of remaining curious and asking questions rather than resorting to “I don’t know”

  • Getting back to the “why” of going into therapy and what is alive for us as therapists now

  • Using lived experience to hold space for grief and sadness within the queer community


  • Kelly Hutton

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