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Mar 1, 2024

Today’s Guest: Laura Lewis-Barr was a graduate student in clinical psychology but eventually switched majors and earned her M.A. in theatre. In 2019 Laura began making stop motion films focused on fairy tales. Laura is now an award-winning filmmaker and educator. Her focus is on animating fairy tales and mythic stories for personal and collective transformation. She is inspired by the works of ML Von Franz, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and Michael Meade. Laura's films are made in her basement in Chicago, and her screening events are filled with heart and questions for the soul.


  • How fairy tales can give insight into how our psyches are working and resonate with our daily lives

  • Laura’s experience as a storyteller through stop motion film

  • Pursuing the crafts that we love within a capitalist society


  • Laura Lewis-Barr

Discover Laura’s work and connect with her on social media at


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