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Mar 22, 2024

Today’s Guest: Dr. Madeline Ofina is a speaker, community educator, Clinical Psychologist, and Mental Health Consultant. Her training focused on program evaluation, the Wellness and Recovery model of mental health, and serious, persistent mental illness. After her clinical training and work in the hospital system, she realigned her work and decolonized her mind and practice through training and studying decolonizing mental health and liberation psychology. She founded MO-fina Wellness and Education, an education and spiritual business, and separately owns a Private Practice working with predominantly BIPOC adult children of immigrants on healing from intergenerational trauma, racial trauma, and oppression through decolonization.



  • The marriage between creativity and spirituality both in and out of therapy

  • Pushing back against the idea of using spirituality to avoid pain and suffering

  • Dr. Ofina's journey to decolonize her work and align it with social justice and liberation principles

  • The tug of war between wanting to work inside or outside the field of therapy

  • Framing the insidious nature of colonization within the framework of mental health



  • Dr. Madeline Ofina

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  • Decolonizing Therapy




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