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May 5, 2023

Today’s Guest: Rebecca Crawford, LMFT, is a Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Southern California. She has been practicing for over 10 years and specializes in work with children and adolescents. She is experienced with play therapy, sand play and the use of art in treatment. Rebecca is also co-founder of DeTalks, a company created by women to help empower other women to find their voice and care for themselves. She is committed to empowering women and helping them find compassion for themselves.

In treatment with others, Rebecca focuses on helping individuals to again become connected to and be able to hear and know their own bodies. To practice honoring themselves. Throughout her own journey, she has discovered movement and writing as forms of meditation and connection to herself.  When not practicing therapy or chasing her 5-year-old, she can be found dancing, running, practicing yoga, and writing poetry. 


  • How play and creativity help meet the needs of child and adolescent clients

  • The power of movement to help us connect to ourselves and identify our needs

  • The mind-body connection and the importance of reminding ourselves to truly breathe

  • Honoring what we need to do to feel good, even if that means dancing, singing, or creating in a way that isn’t deemed useful or productive by society


  • Rebecca Crawford, LMFT

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