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Sep 15, 2023

Today’s Guest: Valerie Ellis is an artist and former psychotherapist with a studio near west London. She uses paper to represent human experience and intrapersonal dynamics. Valerie gained her psychology degree from the prestigious University of Queensland, Australia. After 20 years in private practice, she moved back to the UK, where she'd lived as a child. In September 2023 she will begin attending the Royal College of Art for a master's degree in painting. With a psychological lens, Valerie’s artwork uniquely reflects themes like childhood, stress, and disguise through the medium of paper minimalist artworks and post-impressionist oil paintings.


  • Facing the disillusionment of the idea that therapy can save everyone

  • The importance of meeting people’s basic needs before being able to address further needs in therapy

  • Merging psychology and expression to create art pieces that reflect viewers' life journeys


  • Valerie Ellis


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