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Mar 29, 2024

Today’s Guest: Zach Meyer, MA, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor who likes to say he has worked with students since he was one himself. From coaching high schoolers and working as a camp counselor to clinical positions in inpatient and outpatient settings, Zach has spent his career supporting teenagers and young adults to navigate the many challenges that accompany this developmental stage.

Zach has also spent his life in the arts, growing up in choirs and theater productions from grade school through college. He continues to write and record music, and he released his first full-length album last summer. At the intersection of these two interests lie Zach's greatest passion: the relationship between art-making and our mental health.

He and his wife — a psychologist — have a private therapy practice in the Milwaukee area. When not doing therapy or making music, Zach is probably hanging out with his wife, three kids and two dogs, or working on the restoration of their historic 1913 home.



  • Doing preventative work with teenagers while they’re in a more malleable stage of life

  • The power of stories in therapy and music making

  • Helping teenagers discover their own narrative to uncover their goals, passions, and intrinsic values beyond what outside sources are telling them to believe

  • Striving to take the pressure off artists so they can create something meaningful in the moment



  • Zach Meyer

Learn more about Zach’s therapy practice at

Discover more about Zach’s music and studio work at

TikTok and Instagram: @zachmeyermusic



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