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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Dec 28, 2012

What are we wearing?
Cityscape by Laura Chau
Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Gayle's Stripey Scarf

What are we stalking?
Imperial Yarn Pencil Roving
Cora by Andrea Black

What are we knitting?
Pull Me Over by Andrea Black
Poppy hat by Justine Turner
Aurora Australis by Melinda Vermeer
Miette by Andi Sutterland

What have we...

Dec 14, 2012

What are we wearing?
Cassis by Thea Colman
Sharlene's Cassis
Cowl Neck Vest by Cecily Glowick MacDonald
Gayle's Cowl Neck Vest
Madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool
Imperial Yarn Erin

What are we stalking?
Trefoil Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston
Chickadee by Ysolda Teague
Eyelet Yoke Sweater by Courtney Spainhower
Samovar by...