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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Mar 18, 2016

What are we wearing?
Hogwarts Express by Susan Ashcroft
Sharlene's Hogwarts Express
Neighborhood Fiber Company Rustic Fingering 
Razzle by Allie Coffey 
Gayle's Razzle

What are we stalking?
We are both stalking the Interpretations 3 collection by Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki.

We both want to make:

Mar 4, 2016

What did we wear at StitchesWest 2016?
Nakahi Shawl by Francoise Danoy
Sharlene's Nakahi
Polaris by Hiroku Fukatsu
Sharlene's Polaris 
Newsom by Bristol Ivy
Sharlene's Newsom
Yowza Weigh It Shawl by Susan B. Anderson
Gayle's Weigh It Shawl
Twinkle Sock by Western Sky Knits 
3 Color Cashmere Cowl by...