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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Dec 22, 2017

We are ending 2017 with a light-hearted episode recorded with our lovely Ravelry group moderator Robbie, aka Photoknitgal. An episode that has been several years in the making, we finally get to introduce Robbie to our listeners and Ravelry group members. Robbie joins us for our regular segments, and then we discuss...

Dec 8, 2017

We are at the harbor for our annual holiday lights episode, though this year we were a little too early in the day for the lights. :) But we did have some sea life sightings so it all worked out. This episode we talk a little about the upcoming Self-Indulgent Knit-a-long which has become an annual Yarniacs event. Please...

Nov 24, 2017

What are we wearing?
Pebble Beach by Helen Stewart
Annulaire by Hillary Smith Callis
Gayle's Annulaire

What are we stalking?
Marklee DK by Elizabeth Doherty
Sharlene's "holy grail" yarn is Logwood!
Outlined by Suvi Simola
Land of Sweets by Helen Stewart
Sharlene's Gumball Love yarn
Tulle Shawl by Helen Stewart

Nov 10, 2017

November has brought the beginning of our sweater weather season here in Santa Cruz. Every year, the changing of the clocks to standard time seems to coincide with the fall chill and Gayle and I have been happily looking through our sweater stashes and greeting our sweaters like old friends!

We hope the yarn label and...

Oct 27, 2017

In this episode, we continue the conversation about yarn labels and how to use the information given on a label. Very few of us use the recommended yarn for a pattern with every project, so at some point, we all find ourselves looking for substitutions. Though often considered part of the fun of starting a new project,...