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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Apr 27, 2017

What are we wearing?
Svalbard by Bristol Ivy
Sharlene's Svalbard
Peasy by Heidi Kirrmeier
Gayle's Peasy

Thank-you to Plum Deluxe for sponsoring this episode!

What are we stalking?
Tokonatsu Pullover by yamagara
Holey Comfort by Jutta von Hinterm Stein

Björkö Shawl by Anna Friberg

Color Field by Kemper...

Apr 14, 2017

This week Gayle and I bask in the afterglow of our NoCKRs retreat. We laughed, we smiled, we knit! Good friends, good yarn, and good times. I wish you all could have joined us. :)

What are we wearing?
Therapy by Laura Aylor
Sharlene's Therapy shawl
Oranje by Ann Weaver
Gayle's Oranje

What are we stalking?