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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

What are we wearing?

Elorie by Elizabeth Doherty
Elton by Joji Locatelli
What are we stalking?
Carlisle (Raglan) by Maddy Moe
Bloom Your Heart Out by Inese Sang
Pocket Edition by Hinterm Stein
Keep it Warm Sweater by Yeon Hwa Lee
Abloom by Anne Ginger 
Bonbec by Emilie Luis
What are we knitting?
Ranunculus by Midori...

Mar 11, 2023

What are we wearing?

Marklee DK by Elizabeth Doherty
Sharlene's Marklee
Confetti by Veera Valimaki
Pavement by Veera Valimaki
So Faded by Andrea Mowry
Gayle's Confadement
What are we stalking?
Sangatsu Shawl by Eri Shimizu
The Kindness of Ravens by Harper Bee
Corvids, 19 by Harper Bee
Paul Klee Sweater by...