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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

May 13, 2016

What are we wearing?
Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis
Sharlene's Starshower
Solstice Cardigan by Cecily Glowick McDonald
Gayle's Solstice Cardigan

What are we stalking?
Kline Shawl by Jennifer Dassau
Marcel Wrap by Little Church Knits
Kaiya Mei by Jamie Hoffman
Reyna by Noora Laivola
Spindrift by Helen Stewart
Loop by Casapinka

What are we knitting?
Scrubbie pattern
Therapy by Laura Aylor
Sharlene's Therapy
Lilli Pilli by Ambah O'Brien
Western Sky Knits Aspen sock
Hoodie Shawl Cardigan by Susanne Sommer

What have we finished?
Heartfelt by Veera Valimaki
Sharlene's Heartfelt
Skyp-y socks
Seaman's Cap
Seaman's Church Institute Block Island Gansey Hat Kit

What are we swatching? 
Sharlene swatched North Light Fiber's Water Street
Gayle swatched North Light Fiber's Ocean Avenue

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