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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Sep 2, 2016

In episode 122 we recorded our last summer episode for the season out and about. The light is changing and it will be darker earlier, making evenings of recording in the car difficult. This time we were on the UC campus at the top of the hill. We didn't see a lot of the usual wildlife, but we did stop for a peek at this spectacular view as we were leaving. This is the view looking towards Monterey and it is probable that a lot of the bright red is caused by smoke due to the still burning Soberanes fire.

What are we wearing?
5200K by Suvi Simola
madelinetosh sock
Sharlene's 5200K
Gayle's 5200K
Hitofude by Hiroku Fukatsu
Gayle's Hitofude
Sharlene's Hitofude

What are we stalking?
There is a revised version of the Campside shawl, hopefully with errors fixed
Beastkeeper by Justyna Lorkowska
Color Your Shawl by Suvi Simola
#11 Stitch Sampler Pullover by Holli Yeoh
Gayle's Stimpylab Deluxe Sock 
Meditate by Elizabeth Doherty
Tupshin by Erin Birnel
Sans Serif by Elizabeth Doherty
Beaverslide Worsted

What are we knitting?
Kline Shawl by Jennifer Dassau
Whispers by Veera Valimaki
madelinetosh merino light
Holi Festival
Peasy by Heidi Kirrmaier 
Malabrigo Arroyo borrajas
Gayle's Coastal Hoodie

What have we finished?
Gayle finished a row on her sock yarn blanket
High Plains Cowl by Brandie DeRusha

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