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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

What are we wearing?

Look, Squirrel by Casapinka
Sharlene's Look, Squirrel
Solasta by Kindred Red
Gayle's Solasta
What are we stalking?
TGV by Susan Ashcroft
Japanese Landscape by Susan Ashcroft
Susan Ashcroft's The Cushion Club
Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry
Heartfelt by Veera Välimäki
Sharlene's Heartfelt
Teacup Unicorn by Ksenia Naidyon
What are we knitting?
On the Porch by Fifty Four Ten Studio
Leafbird by Yamagara
Aureed by Meiji K-P
Memory blanket by Georgie Nicolson
Thank you to this month's sponsor Lolo Body Care!

What have we finished?
Sharlene's crochet swatches
Liv Light by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Musselburgh by Ysolda Teague
Knitting in the news
Anne's Lace Fence by Anne Eunson
Shetland Textile Museum Fence
Norfolk knitter recreates Queen's estate in wool
Sheep herding movements from above