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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Aug 13, 2021

What are we wearing?

Derecho by Allison Green
Sharlene's first Derecho here
Divvy by Annie Baker Designs 
What are you stalking?
Artist's Garden Blanket Shawl by Tif Neilan
Zipper Jacket by PetiteKnit
Mount Pleasant by Megan Nodecker
Koi Tee by Gingko B.
Ireland's Eye by Jennifer Beale
What are we knitting?
Long Summer Cardigan by Joji. Locatelli
Aureed by Meiji K-P
Boreal Forest Hat by Renée Callahan
Pelagic by Hunter Hammersen
Hoodie Shawl Cardigan by Susanne Sommer
Calico by Dawn Baker
Thank-you to this month's sponsor Fix-A-Stitch!
What have we finished?
Charity hat #8
Leafbird by yamagara

Stashbusting Helix Hats by Jessica Rose

June Hat by Meghan Kelly