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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Aug 25, 2023

What are we wearing?

Wishes Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
Sharlene's Wishes Cardigan
Ripple Bralette by Jesse Maed Designs
What are we stalking?
AT AT Attack by Richard Boxhall
Chicken Knit by Pia Trans
Cloud Peak Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
Separate Ways by Joji Locatelli
The Granny Pop V-Neck Sweater by MJ's Off The Hook Designs
Granny Square Cardigan by Tonya Skalozub
Lola Chic by Annie Lupton
Emotional Support Chicken by Annette Corsino
What are we knitting?
Summer Sidewalk by Fifty Four Ten Studio
Chevron Lace Cardigan by milobo
Girlfriends Cardigan Anke by Ankestrick
Sotto il Sole by Joji Locatelli
Bright Side by Espace Tricot
We would like to thank our sponsor Jimmy Beans Wool!
What have we finished?
Sharlene's generic bucket hat
Ilha by Orlane Sucche
Himari by Eisaku Toro Design Team
Gayle's Himari hat
Keep it Warm Sweater by Leon Hwa Lee
Entrapment by Hunter Hammersen
Powder Blue by Lisa Chemery
Gayle's Powder Blue
We do a wee update on the Colors of Fall Knit-along! There is a month left to submit entries for prizes, though if you are not playing along for prizes, we hope you will continue to share your projects whenever you finish!