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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Nov 16, 2012

What are we wearing?
 Owls by Kate Davies
Sharlene's Owls sweater
 Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Gayle's Aidez sweater

What are we stalking?
Walpole by Hannah Fettig
Meridien by Joji Locatelli
Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein
Sharlene's Ingenue
Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang
Snowball Hat by Katie Himmelberg
Lemongrass by Joji Locatelli

What are we knitting?
Opposite Pole by Joji Locatelli
Ruth's Tee by Rachel Ivy Clark
Malabrigo Sock yarn
Gayle's Stripey scarf
Rayures by Amy Miller
What have we finished?
Dragonflies Jumper by Joji Locatelli
Sharlene's Dragonflies
Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang
Commuter by Stephanie Sun
Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer

A book review
Shades of Winter, Knitting with Natural Wool by Ingalill Johansson and Ewa K. Andinsson

Links for Gayle's adventure weekend!
VJ Foster - Gayle's Uncle

The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
LA Times Review
La Brea Tar Pits
Grauman's Chinese Theater
Griffith Observatory