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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Aug 11, 2022

As Gayle and I see old episodes while we are migrating to a new podcast hosting service we will probably revisit some topics we've discussed in the past. Things change over a decade as we find when we discuss what is in our knitting notions bags/boxes/tins!

What are we wearing?

Wishes Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
Sharlene's Wishes Cardigan
What are we stalking?
Deschain by Leila Raven
Gabrielle by Leila Raven
Circles of Light by Kristina Vilimaite
Travel Mode 2.0 by Susanne Sommer
Travel Mode by Susanne Sommer
Volia blouse by Titi Lutsak
Classic Smocking Cardigan by PetiteKnit
What are we knitting?
Zephyr pullover test knit
Zephyr (Worsted) by Celia McAdam Cahill
Anker's Hat by PetiteKnit
Tweedy from Hedgehog Fibers featuring Madelinetosh thread waste
Irma Hat by Aneta Gasiorowska
Rituals by Joji Locatelli
Thank you to our sponsor Jimmy Beans Wool!
What have we finished?
Ranunculus by Midori Hirosi
Musselburgh by Ysolda Teague