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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Nov 29, 2013

Oh, the holidays, they are a-coming! Here in the US, this week is busy. We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving holiday, there are school holidays to work around, and the general business of planning, family, and work. Gayle and I have been busy with all of the above and more. As I write this on Thanksgiving afternoon, Gayle and I have already chatted about how we are grateful and thankful for all of you, our wonderful friends, who have supported us and listened to us, and inspire us to keep knitting and keep recording. We really do appreciate you. :)

This week we record our regular segments, with the addition of our newest segment "What are we swatching?" We pay homage to past podcast guests Clara Parkes and Deb Robson, and in our own way attempt to learn more about new breeds and new-to-us yarns and share what we have learned. For some of you, this may be review, and if you have more to add to the discussion, please join us over in our Ravelry group. We welcome your views and discussion. 
- Sharlene    

What are we wearing?
5200K by Suvi Simola
Sharlene's 5200K
Alewives Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty
Gayle's Alewives Cowl

What are we stalking?
Ravelry's "Hot Right Now" list
Solstice Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Ravelry's popular cowls list
Shasta Daisy Knits etsy shop

What are we knitting?
Ease by Alicia Plummer
Alewives Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty
Another hat
Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston
Adiri Cowl by Julia Trice

What have we finished?
Barley hat by tincanknits
Sharlene's Barley
Renfrew hat by Jane Richmond
Sharlene's latest Renfrew
Sharlene's Halo hat (no pattern)
Autumn in Garrison by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Gayle's Autumn
Beaverslide Dry Goods
Ritzi by Katya Frankel

What are we swatching?
Sharlene's swatch: Woolen-Spun Sport Weight Cormo
Elsawool's woolen spun yarns

Review links
Head to Toe kids' knit accessories by Katya Frankel
Ravelry link for Head to Toe
This book is great in a couple of ways for this holiday season--the book itself is a great gift for a knitter, and the accessories featured will make great gifts as well.