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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Oct 2, 2015

It is said that first babies see movement, and soon can distinguish shades of blacks and whites, with other colors eventually becoming recognizable. As children grow, color often seems to play a role in their definition of self. "My favorite color is red," or "What's your favorite color?" are oft-heard conversation starters with the "under 10" set. Working in a yarn store, I commonly see shoppers carrying around yarns in colors that either match or complement the colors they are wearing. Some folks are surprised when I point this out. Others just smile and agree, that yes, they are always attracted to the same colors.

We are surrounded by color in design, fashion, and logos. Certain colors are appetizing, while an off-color food can spoil your appetite. School and sports team colors can inspire confidence, unity, and pride. When we dress for success, we attempt to present ourselves through style and color in a favorable way. Even the daily news is filled with stories about color related to race, gangs, and identity.

There's no denying that colors represent meaning, memories, and emotion; can affect commerce and how or where we spend our money; and influence our moods and feelings. If you've ever been unable to move forward on a project because you can't pick a color, or decided against purchasing some yarn because there wasn't a sweater quantity of that perfect color, then you too have witnessed the important role of color. In this episode Gayle and I scratch the surface on color talk and why we love our annual Colors of Fall Knit-a-long (KAL). There is a bit less knit talk this episode--an aberration for The Yarniacs if this is your first time listening--but we wanted to give color the time and space it deserves. We hope you will agree. We promise to be back next episode with our usual knit-filled segments.

- Sharlene

New Converse colors
Sharlene's blues
Sharlene's reds
Sharlene's purples
Sharlene's greys
Gayle's pinks
Gayle's greys
Gayle's blues
Gayle's blue-greens

Pantone's 50 years of color

Yarniacs Colors of Fall 2015 Finished Object thread

What are we knitting?
The Secret Garden KAL
Duchess of Devonshire by Kay Jones