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Whole, Full, & Alive

Aug 21, 2023

3 Things We Dive Into In This Episode:
1. Dropping the hustle mentality to approach life and business from a place of calm
2. Personal values and your definition of success so that you can build an aligned life
3. Feeding your curiosity as a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, explore new interests, and prove you are resilient enough to survive things that scare you
⭐️About Giules
Giulia Previati (she/her), Brand Strategist & Visual Storyteller, works with brands and founders to help them stay grounded and feel calm through aligned strategy & intentional branding. <3
You can learn more about Giules and her work on her website and instagram.
Thanks for listening! 💖 Stay tuned to my website for more episode updates and other exciting programs and resources.