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Dixie on the Rocks

Dec 23, 2022

Merry Christmas! On this evening's episode of Dixie on the Rocks, Padraig Martin discusses several articles from dissident authors that all seem to share a theme: a Christian Response to Modernity. Beginning with Thomas Steuben's article in Counter Currents entitled "Friendly Debate Advice for Christian Nationalists", Padraig segways into two articles on Identity Dixie's page, "Urban vs Rural, Notional vs Real" by Richard Greenhorn, and "Modern America's Lost Men" by Southern Filibuster - three articles that tackle Christian perspectives and responses to the moral, societal, or demographic decay in the modern world. From those articles, Padraig discusses the weaponization of social media to effect this rapid decay by the US government, as covered by Jason Kessler and VDare in the article, "THE TWITTER FILES (3): Release The Files On Twitter’s Enabling ADL, SPLC Censorship!" Padraig Martin concludes with Dissident Mama's Episode 67 with James Perloff, recognizing Dissident Mama's unique outlook on the impacts of Satan on an occupied Dixie. The show concludes with Ave Maria. Come have a listen!

Padraig Martin's new book has been released, "A Walk in the Park: My Charlottesville Story," which covers his progression from a constitutional conservative to a Southern Nationalist, his march at Unite the Right, and the immediate aftermath. It can be purchased in hardcover, paperback, or on the Amazon Kindle at