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Greening Defence

Oct 6, 2022

What does climate change mean for the land domain, and how is the British Army working to reduce emissions now and in the future?

‘What does climate change mean for our roles?’ is a difficult question to answer when posed by service personnel. To address this, the Greening Defence team has spoken with representatives from each of the armed services to help us understand how climate change affects each domain, and how they plan to adapt to maintain capabilities, improve operability and reduce emissions in response.

In this episode, hosts Dr Sarah Ashbridge and Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Beard are joined by Major General Richard Clements, Director Army Basing and Infrastructure, to discuss how the British Army is responding to climate change. Major General Clements provides a whirlwind tour of the works on the estate and ongoing trials which will inform future capabilities, logistical support and deployable infrastructure, to help us understand what the Army’s response looks like in practice and where there is more to be done.