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SEEing to Lead

May 31, 2021

Nicole L Semas-Schneeweis is a proud mother of two boys. She and her husband have been together for close to twenty years, and they are committed to raising young men who work for social justice and recognize their social responsibility. Nicole, whose friends and family call her Nikki, was a special education teacher for close to twenty years and is a now trying to impact positive change in the role of a special education administrator in a local community. In 2018, Nikki received her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy, writing a dissertation that examined race, class and gender in education. Specifically, she argued for the use of stories and empathy to frame difficult conversations about identity in an effort to dismantle dominant narratives and re-imagine a more equitable society.

Key Takeaways:

  • education is a gift
  • empathy is critical
  • always follow through
  • explain your decisions
  • build trust through talking together about literature
  • use love languages to connect
  • empower teachers to make decisions
  • respond instead of reacting
  • find your people

Book Mentioned:

Dare to Lead

Raise Your Game

Contact Nicole:

Twitter: @DrSemas

LinkedIn: Nicole Semas-Schneeweis, PhD

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