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SEEing to Lead

Aug 2, 2021

Dr. Matthew X. Joseph is currently the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Leicester Public Schools. He has been a school and district leader in many capacities in public education over his 27 years in the field including Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, elementary school principal, classroom teacher, and district professional development specialist.


  • Be a role model for others
  • Do something different to benefit students
  • Leave a legacy
  • Give teachers safety as a support for increased engagement
  • Identify the finish line, not the race
  • Celebrate attempts to succeed
  • People get burnt out when they work away from their passion
  • Slow down to listen to your teachers
  • Make yourself more human to be relatable
  • Show your own failures to create a culture of risk taking
  • Don't practice "Facebook Leadership"
  • Succeed and fail as yourself
  • When you empower people you create a culture


Twitter: @MatthewXJoseph

New Book: Power Of Connections

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