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SEEing to Lead

Sep 6, 2021

Matthew Bowerman has served in education and the arts for over twenty five years.  He is the recipient of EMMY and CINE Film Awards for his educational short film, “BusSTOP,” addressing the bullying crisis in the United States. Matthew is invested in the work of love-leading students and their families in his current role as a School Administrator in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. He is currently working on his upcoming book, HeartLeader, released through CodeBreaker Inc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure that people feel valued and that they have worth to is worth to build better relationships.
  • Is work to build long lasting relationships builds on trust respect and love.
  • We are really not doing enough to take care of teachers and their wellness.
  • The recent pandemics of covid and racism have brought this to light more than ever.
  • We must have honest conversations with people if we are to authentically support them.
  • We never know what's going on in their lives.
  • You have to let people know from the start what your core values are and where you're headed in leading the school area
  • Remember to ask 6 questions before ever uttering one declarative statement when working with people. Listening is key.
  • Everyone needs people in their life that they know we'll be there for them whether professionally or personally to help if they need it.
  • We are all human and incredibly fallible
  • Never run away from the fire because you'll miss the opportunity to be forged by it.
  • PLNs must be about the network.
  • Make sure your opportunity is a network work or vice versa make sure your network is a community because if you lead with your heart and put yourself out there things will happen for you.


Twitter - @MJBowerman

Instagram - mrmjbowerman

YouTube: Matthew J Bowerman

Upcoming book from Codebreaker Inc: Heartleader

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